Dissemination Strategy on Electricity Balancing
for Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy
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Online data of Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall
The control system High-Leit of Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall is able to generate web sides. For the demonstration online data of the CHP plant operations a internet login was generated. The access from outside via internet is: http://nlt.stadtwerke-hall.de:8077/WI/app/index.jsp With the user name DESIRE and the password EU the user can log in to have a look at the operation data of the CHP plants. To see an actual overview of generation and consumption the button for the diagram has to be clicked and the scheme of Schwäbisch Hall will be (re)loaded by clicking the button

Figure 1: Online scheme of the CHP plants and district heating

To see some historic chart of the generation plant and the consumption the button for charts has to be clicked. At the top of the window new possibilities are shown.

Also for (re)loading the charts the button has to be clicked.

Figure 2: Example of online chart Alfred Leikam Straße. Black electrical generation, red: thermal generation, green energy status of thermal store.